Jacket Potato

The skewer distributes heat

The skewer distributes heat

I have always liked the name, jacket potato; it sounds so interesting, so country. And so simple and cheap. But (and here is the rub), you need to rub in some olive oil and salt to the potatoes’ skins to make them crunchy, tasty and fun. Sorry about the rub thing – it was inevtable.

So you need:

  • Biggish potato
  • Skewer (metal not bamboo or wood)
  • Drop or three of olive oil
  • Sea salt (well other cooking salt will do)

Pre heat the oven to about 180C; fairly hot, but not smoking. Take your potatoes and rub a few drops of olive oil in; then a bit of salt. Skewer them length ways (it helps get the heat all through); shove in the oven for 90 minutes or so. And voila: cut open, serve with oodles of salted butter, grated cheese, baked beans cold from the tin if you really have to.

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