Simple Rice

Rice poses a lot of problems for people and yet there are two simple ways of cooking basmati that work every time. Sadly the first ain’t real cooking: buy a packet of Uncle Bens and use the microwave: two minutes and it’s done.

There is a better way and it produces heavenly rice, al dente (not too soft); full of flavour and great all around!

The principle measurement is 2:1 water to rice.

This serves two:

  • Basmati rice 1 cup, mug whatever. I use easy cook which takes about 15 minutes. Adjust the time if you use another type
  • Water: double whatever you used to measure the rice
  • A good dollop of salted butter (say a heaped tablespoon). You can use oil if you prefer but hey, butter is best
  • Optionally a stock cube (chicken is best)

Rinse the rice using a sieve, under a tap. Melt the butter in a saucepan (don’t over heat it else it will burn). When melted, pop in the rice and stir around so the melted butter coats the grains of rice. Let it cook gently for 30 seconds or so. Then, add the cold water or chicken stock and stir a little more.

Put a lid on the saucepan and let it simmer on a very low light for about 15 minutes. Don’t stir again but keep an eye on things; if it is completely dried out too early pour in some boiling water. Your aim is to have perfectly cooked rice with no need to drain by the end of 15 minutes.

(If you want to use chicken stock add a stock cube to boiling water, dissolve and use that instead of the cold water above).

You can let the rice stand – lid on and no peeking after it’s cooked for up to 15 minutes. It’ll stay warm.


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