Simple meatballs in tomato soup

Let me start by apologising; this is comfort food, plain and simple.

It is as easy as can be to make – and is superb when it’s cold or you’re feeling poorly or low – or all three.

You simply need:

  • Two large cans of Heinz Tomato Soup 
  • 500 grams of minced beef or lamb
  • A very good dash of Lea & Perrin’s Worcester Sauce
  • Salt and pepper

Take the cans of soup and pour them into a largish saucepan and put on the heat; bring to a gentle boil. Meantime take the meat, and mix in a bowl with the worcester sauce and plenty of salt and pepper. Then roll the meat into small-ish balls and plop them in the now simmering soup. It’s important the soup is hot or else the balls will fall apart.

You then cover either with mesh or part cover with a lid and gently cook for 45 minutes or a little more. The soup reduces and caramelises and the meat becomes gorgeous, tender and yet firm.

It is fanatic eaten with plain rice or mopped up with loads of brown bread. Be aware it is a very hot soup and can burn your mouth if you don’t blow on it if you serve it immediately.

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