A berry and spinach smoothie

To put it bluntly: this doesn’t sound wonderful! But make it and see for yourself – it’s a great breakfast on its own and keeps me not nibbling ’til lunchtime.  You need a liquidizer and I have tried both Ninja and Nutra bullet blender/liquidizer machines. Both seem to work just fine.

Simply take:

  • a handful of berries (I use, if in season, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries etc.). These are best fresh but frozen is fine too.
  • a good few mint leaves (I do about a dozen)
  • A tablespoon of rolled oats (porridge oats is fine)
  • about 100ml of milk (full fat or semi or whateverImage for Rachel's Organic Greek Style Set Natural Yogurt 450g from Sainsbury's
  • about 200g of full-fat natural greek set yoghurt (I use Rachel’s – it is pure and organic)
  • A good handful of spinach leaves (fear not – it’s just fine)


Put this lot in blender and woosh for about 25 seconds or so.

That’s it!


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