Jewelled Rice

This recipe is adapted from a BBC good food one.

Simply take:

  • some butter
  • an onion, chopped finely
  • 500g wild and brown basmati rice
  • a good handful of dried cranberries
  • some flaked almonds
  • a bay leaf or two
  • some chicken stock (or veg if you want) – a litre made from two stock cubes.
  • some orange or lemon zest

The rice can be bought from Waitrose but there are loads of other suppliers:


Simply put a good blob of butter into a oven proof casserole dish and melt; add the onions and gently cook them for about ten minutes, ’til they’re browning nicely without burning. Then add the rice and stir so every grain is coated with the glistening onion and butter. The pour in the stock and stir. Pop in the bay leaves.

If your casserole lid is a good fit, just put the lid on, and put in in a pre warmed oven at about 180C. Cook for about three quarters of an hour and avoid checking on it – you’ll let the steam out.

That’s it.


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