Boiled eggs – simple and glorious

Boiling eggs is a subject of great debate – and never seen as simple. Questions too often abound: cook in boiling water, start from cold. Cook from room temperature or direct from the ‘fridge? Here is a simple way that works. [If you want to see the science, look at Marc’s site]

  1. Take eggs direct from the ‘fridge and place them in a saucepan of cold water; try and find a pan in which the eggs fit without too much space around them.
  2. Put on a fierce heat and bring to a rolling boil; then immediately turn off and remove from heat and let the eggs continue to cook in the hot water. Timings are:
  • 4 minutes: yolk runny and the white nicely set
  • 6 minutes: yolk soft and moist
  • 8 minutes: yolk cooked through but not over dry

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