Vegetables in a light stock

An easy way with a variety of vegetables is to poach them in stock and serve them simply, in that stock; I am not talking about swimming in liquid, but ensure there’s enough to add flavour and texture to a selection of veg. This goes well with roast meats.

Simply take:

  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Leeks
  • Green beans
  • Spinach
  • New potatoes
  • Baby onions
  • Whatever you think….
  • Some well flavoured vegetable or chicken stock – perhaps with a slosh of dry whiter wine

Basically you are going to poach the veg in the stock; I like the ‘mini’ varieties flown in from all over the world (bad on the carbon emission, good on the palate)  – but sliced vegetables of any sort poached in gently bubbling stock is fine. Frozen peas and sliced carrots are a great mix because of the contrast in colours and shape. Whatever selection you decide, the trick (just like minestrone soup) is to make sure everything is ready to serve at the same time. So you your judgement and simply cook put the veg in order – with the longest cooking (i.e. potatoes, carrots – the tougher) and after a while, add the others. If you want to be really bad, just before serving put in a teaspoon of butter but it’s by no means necessary. It adds shine, flavour and weight – sadly to you not the dish.

By the way, don’t put on a lid unless the stock is evaporating too quickly; its reduction is what makes it such a treat.

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